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How to buy beats for sale

Step 1

Browse beats for sale catalog. To make your experience comfortable, type any genre, mood, type beat or any other keyword in the line “Search Track Types” to filter our beats for sale according to your needs. Click the button “Add” and select the license type (price). Don’t forget about our special deal “Buy 1 Get 9 Free”

Step 2

When you have selected beats and licenses you’ve wanted, click the “ Proceed to checkout” button at the top of the player. If you have selected more than 1 beat you will see that Bulk Deals are activated automatically. Review your order, below of the total price please check the box “I reviewed and agree to the Track(s) License Agreements” before either paying with PayPal or Credit Card.

Step 3

Once you fill out the paypal or credit card information and make a payment, you will receive your beats and licenses directly to your email address. Please check your spam folder.


(No Bulk Deals)
Commercial Use
Untagged WAV + MP3
Distribution : Spotify & Apple Music (etc.)
Up to 100,000 streams
YouTube (No Monetization)
License Period: 2 Years
Must credit [prod. by LCABEATZ]
Unlimited Wav
Buy 1 Get 9 Free
Commercial Use
Untagged WAV + MP3
Distribution : Spotify & Apple Music (etc.)
Unlimited streams
YouTube (No Monetization)
License Period: 5 Years
Must credit [prod. by LCABEATZ]
Read full license
Unlimited Stems
Wav + Stems (Buy 1 Get 9 Free)
Unlimited commercial use
Untagged MP3, WAV + STEMS
Distribution : Spotify & Apple Music (etc.)
Unlimited streams
YouTube (No Monetization)
License Period: 10 Years
Must credit [prod. by LCABEATZ]
Read full license
Full Monetization
Buy 1 Get 9 Free
Collect 100% ROYALTIES
Untagged MP3, WAV + STEMS
Distribution : Spotify & Apple Music (etc.)
Unlimited streams
YouTube Monetization
Broadcast Rights (Film, Tv, Games)
License Period: 10 Years
Must credit [prod. by LCABEATZ]
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We have been making beats for 10 years and have solid music production experience. Founded by LCA, Anthony and Vitalyano had number one records in Ukraine, 5 singles in the top Itunes UA chart, placements with talented artists, films, tv, and shows. Our beats and music are released by major catalogs: APM, Universal PM, BMGPM, Sony Red.

We made this website where you can buy professional beats and instrumentals for sale online 24/7 and rap to beats. We’re working hard to make sure our clients will have the best selection of hip hop beats, trap, lo-fi hip hop, r&b instrumentals, pop trap beats, dancehall, reggaeton instrumentals, rap beats and much more.


Our goal is to make the best online music community, give the opportunity to fresh, young, and talented artists to buy and lease professional, well mixed, high quality beats and instrumentals. To make your experience comfortable you can use our search engine at the top of the player. Just type any genre you’re looking for, for example, rap beats, RnB beats, trap beats, lo-fi hip hop beats, pop instrumentals, type beat to freestyle to.

You also can use mood or instrument as a keyword. Just type dark beats, sad beats, hard beats, guitar beats, piano beats, or any other related words in our search track tool. 

All our beats are royalty-free, so you can collect all your royalties 100%.  When you listen to the instrumentals you will hear the voice tag over. But when you make a purchase you will receive untagged files.


Did you know that “Old Town Road” before it made the charts and became the worldwide number one hit, first was purchased as the basic lease for $30?! Leasing beats become very popular and beneficial for both sides: artist and producer.

As an independent artist you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to get one beat no more… See, it’s better to taste the water first. Why not buy the lease that is 20-25 times cheaper than exclusive rights, and invest money in marketing and promotion. And then if your song will blow you can also come back to the producer and ask for exclusive rights. Sounds logical right?!

Just treat your music career as the business. Have a plan and strategy. Nowadays you can’t put one song in a year and hope to be discovered by labels. It’s not work like that anymore. You should constantly put new music on the internet to get the attention. That’s why leasing beats become so important for the artist. If you are still not sure if you should buy our beats for sale, checkout our insane offer!


We know how difficult sometimes music business terms could be for artists, that’s why we made clear and easy-to-understand contracts. You can read them on our website. When you buy our beats you will automatically receive a legal contract, so you don’t have to spend money on attorneys and just can focus on your creativity. You can be sure that your releases with our beats are secured with license agreements and commercial rights.  

We offer exclusive beats and non-exclusive beats, so if you’re an independent artist, you’re at the right place. From Trap beats and hip hop instrumentals to Pop and R&B beats, our goal is to provide songwriters, rappers, and artists with a massive selection of high-quality beats for sale to help you make a hit banger. 

We add new high-quality beats to rap to weekly. So if you don’t want to miss new instrumentals, exclusive opportunities, and discounts, subscribe to our newsletter today.Buy beats for sale today. Invest in your music career and let’s make a song that will be at the top of the Billboard chart together.

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10 reasons why you should buy instrumentals for sale
1. Buy 1 Get 9 Free!

We offer the best bulk deal online. Looking for rap beats? We got it!

2. Comfortable experience, easy navigation.

Buying our instrumentals has never been easier. You can find a search bar on the top of our player. Just type keywords in the “Track Search”. For example, if you’re looking for some specific type beat, then type: “Drake Type Beat”, j cole type beat, or trap type beat.

3. Free type beat.

You can download instrumentals for free from our store. But only for non-commercial use. Free beats are tagged, which means you will hear voices over the instrumental. If you want an untagged version, you need to purchase a license.

4. Professional Beats for sale. Instant Downloads. Secure Payments.

You can be sure that when you’re buying our beats for sale all your transaction details, information are safe. All the transactions are controlled by Paypal. After you purchase our type beat, you will instantly receive a download link by email.

5. Exclusive and Non exclusive.

All our catalog is available for both exclusive and non-exclusive deals. We give you the choice to decide which license is right for you.

6. Wide range type beat genres.

We offer beats for sale in different genres, moods, and styles. From hip-hop beats, instrumental rap beats, reggaeton beat to drake type beat, justin bieber type beat, post malone type beat and much more.

7. Building relationships.

We are as music producers are the same as artists – creative people. And with 10 years of experience, we know that building a team and relationship in the music industry is the key. When you buy our beats for sale you become not only our customer but also our community member. We take care of our members and weekly send them new instrumentals, offers, news, and tips to help to grow your career.

8. Save your money.

Our beats pricing starts at $35 for wav file and $150 for trackouts. Fair price, so you don’t bury your pocket, make savings for marketing and promotion. By the way, if you use our bulk deal option then you will receive 10 beats (wav files) for $35, which means basically $3,5 per beat. Or 10 beats (stems, trackouts) with unlimited license only for $150, which means $15 per track with unlimited license.

9. High quality instrumentals.

With more than 10 years of music production experience, we make sure that each of our beats has the highest quality. We use only the best plugins and techniques for mixing and mastering. We know the trends but at the same time we stay creative and make beats that sound different.

10. Support the community.

Our clients are more than just buyers for us. They are our community. We constantly share tips, teaching our community how to promote music, and give exclusive opportunities.

Get 10 Beats for sale For The Price of 1!
Choose your 10 favorite beats and pay only for one. Add 10 tracks with the same license type (price) to the cart to automatically apply the discount. You need to follow these 3 easy steps to apply this bulk deal.
Why do I Need To Buy Beats For Sale?

If you’re an upcoming artist, rapper, singer and you want to make songs you need beats (instrumentals). Not every songwriter also can produce music and for these people, the best option is to buy beats for sale.

Is leasing beats safe?

Yes. When you’re leasing beats you have the right to make a song, distribute it to DSPs (Spotify, Soundcloud), and collect your streaming royalties. But you do not own the “beat”. Think about “room rent”. When you rent a room you can live there for some period of time but you don’t buy out the room…

What licenses do you offer?

Right now, we offer 3 types of deals. “Standard” with this license you will receive an untagged Wav file, you can distribute your song to Spotify, Apple Music, etc. but there’s a restriction in total streams for your song – 100 000 streams. With “Unlimited license” you will receive wav files + stems (trackouts) and you don’t have any restrictions in total streams. The last one is an Exclusive license. With this license, you will become the only owner of the type beat.

Are your beats free?

Yes. We have free beats, and you can download it from our player but only tagged mp3 version. Free instrumentals are only available for non-commercial use.

Do you offer exclusives?

Yes, we do have exclusive beats for sale. If you want to buy exclusive rights you need to make an offer.

What is Type Beat?

Type Beat generally means “sounds like”. For example, if you listen to Drake Type Beat it means this beat sounds like Drake. We offer a lot of different type beats including trap type beat, drake type beat, justin bieber type beat, and much more…

can I use your instrumentals for my Youtube video?

Yes, for non-monetizable videos you can purchase a “Standard” license. It will allow you to use our music in youtube videos. If you want to monetize the video with our tracks and have broadcast rights, you need to buy “Unlimited license”

What is a Content ID and Can I use it?

Whatever type of license you’ve bought from our store you can’t use Content ID and other identification tools for our music. Content ID- system that is looking for copyrighted music on youtube and collects ad revenue from those videos.

Do you have Pop instrumentals and R&B beats for sale?

Yes, we do have pop instrumentals and r&b beats. We believe that our catalog has a wide range of genres and styles.

What are trackouts / stems?

Trackouts or stems, it’s an individual file of each instrument used in the beat. For example: kick, snare, melody, etc. For high quality mixing and mastering of your songs you need stems or in other word trackouts. Sometimes we use grouped stems like drums, synth, fx.

What payment methods can i use?

We use paypal as the main payment method. But if you don’t have a paypal it’s not a problem. You can pay directly from your bank card. All payments are safe and protected.

I bought a beat, will you remove it from the site?

Congrats on your purchase! We only will remove the beat if you have bought exclusive rights. For other licenses like standart and unlimited we still own the beat.

Can you create a custom beat/instrumental for me?

Yes, we provide custom beats services. Email us at lcalabel[@]gmail.com with your ideas, references and your budget. Custom beats are much more expensive than leases and it means exclusive rights, so you will be the only owner of the instrumental.


Congrats if you have received a valid coupon code form us, then you can apply the code at the checkout. You need to use the coupon before checking out via PayPal or Credit Card!


Our beats are protected by the voice tag, to avoid illegal downloads from our website. Don’t worry, tagged versions are only used in the player for streaming. When you buy our beat you will receive the files without any tags and voices.

I’m a content creator. Can I buy beats for my vlog, film or youtube video?

Yes, you can. If you need music for internet advertising purposes, you can buy a standard license. If you need a license that covers youtube monetization and broadcast rights you need unlimited license. If you don’t know which license you need you can email us and we’ll help you with your project.

For any inquiries please email