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Hip hop beats for sale

Step 1

Browse our catalog of beats for sale. To make your experience comfortable, type any genre, mood, type beat or any other keyword in the line “Search Track Types” to filter our beats according to your needs. Click the button “Add” and select the license type (price). Don’t forget about our special deal “Buy 1 Get 9 Free”

Step 2

When you have selected beats and licenses you’ve wanted, click the “ Proceed to checkout” button at the top of the player. If you have selected more than 1 beat you will see that Bulk Deals are activated automatically. Review your order, below of the total price please check the box “I reviewed and agree to the Track(s) License Agreements” before either paying with PayPal or Credit Card.

Step 3

Once you fill out the paypal or credit card information and make a payment, you will receive your beats and licenses directly to your email address. Please check your spam folder.


When we talk about Hip Hop beats for sale we could not mention that it’s a part of the most popular genre and style in the music industry. Hip Hop was born in the ’70s in Bronx, US. Since that time hip hop music has developed as mainstream. Such artists like Drake, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem become the most profitable artists in the world, breaking charts with hit records and proving that rap music is the leading genre. So if you’re an artist/ rapper and you want to make a song, first you need a beat you can rap to, freestyle to, sing to, and write to. Well, you’re my friend in the right place!

We have the best selection of hip hop instrumentals online. From old school, east coast and west coast instrumentals to trap beats, rap instrumentals, and much more. Buy our instrumentals and you will get:

Unique Hip Hop Beats For Sale Sound

Every new rapper looking for a unique style and buy beats online. No wonder, there is so much hip hop music released every day and if you want to stand out from the crowd you should have some solid and unique beat. We provide the best hip hop instrumentals online. Our team is working hard every day to make sure our instrumentals will have a unique sound and freshness but at the same time staying in the contemporary lane and trending. While everyone’s putting 808’s in every track, we always looking for new sounds and experiment with instruments.

Fair Price and Simple Contracts

We know that it’s not easy to be an independent artist. We know how much work you’re put into your craft. And finally, we know that it’s very expensive to promote and market yourself right now. That’s why we made the best selling beats offer on the internet. You can download our free beats (tagged version) absolutely free. That’s a very smart decision. You can download our free beat, write lyrics and make the recordings, and only when you will hear the final product you can decide do you want to release it. If you do, you can come back to our website and buy hip hop beats for sale.

  • Our standard license is $25 for wav file.
  • Our unlimited license is $150 for wav, trackouts.
  • Make an offer for exclusive beats for sale.

But most importantly that we offer to buy 1 beat get 9 free. It means you get 10 hip-hop instrumentals for sale and pay only for one. 

High Quality Hip Hop Beats For Sale

Our team of professional music producers, beatmakers, and sound engineers working hard to make sure our clients will receive only high-quality, industry pro-level, radio-ready instrumentals for sale. We have 10 years of music production experience so we provide only the best services.

Our files come in 48/24 wav formats, we also provide high-quality stems, every sound individually so our clients have options to make their own mastering. 

Diversity & Creativity

Hір hор muѕіс fеаturеѕ a multi-dimensional ѕоund you can uѕе for аll ѕоrtѕ of creative wоrk.  We are so proud that we have a diverse catalog of hip hop beats and instrumentals. From party beat, sad or chill to dark beat and inspirational hip hop instrumentals. We have everything you’re looking for in hip hop music.

Easy Navigation

To make your experience easy we have a search bar tool over the player. Youn can filter our instrumentals by genre, style, mood, or type beat. For example, you can type: Drake type beat, old school hip hop instrumentals, or trap beats.

Hip Hop Type Beat

Our collection has every type beat you could imagine. Future Type Beat, Drake Type Beat, Post Malone Type Beat, etc. But what it is: ”Type Beat”

It’s a form of expression and term when you looking for some beats that sound like a certain artist. In other words, if you want an instrumental in the style of Gunna, then you’re looking for Gunna Type Beat. 

Buy Exclusive Beats or Non-Exclusive Lease

We offer exclusive and non-exclusive beats rights for our clients. 

If you would like to buy exclusive hip hop beats, just select the track you like, click on the “buy” button, and select exclusive (make an offer) license. Then send us your budget and offer. Usually, it takes us 24 hours to moderate the offer. 

For a non-exclusive beat lease, we provide two types of licenses: standard and unlimited.


We know how hard for artists and rappers to find the right instrumentals for sale that will perfectly fit your style. First, there are so many sub-genres like boom bap instrumentals, rap beats, east coast beats, trap beats and so many more. Then you need to go to YouTube, SoundCloud, and hundreds of other platforms just to find a hip hop beat that you can freestyle to… exhausting, am I right?! 

Don’t worry we create our website to make your job easier to find beats for sale you need and buy hip hop beats online! 

We are so proud to have a high-quality catalog, we’re working hard to create the best instrumentals for sale, we put a lot of energy and effort to build this place where you can purchase professional hip hop beats. 

Depends on what type of instrumentals you’re looking for, they could be in different moods like sad, chill, party, inspiring, or could use different instruments like guitar, piano, 808, synth, etc… But there is one important common thing for all of our instrumentals. It’s a feeling. All of our beats have their own unique character, feeling, touch and form.  We put our heart and soul into each single instrumental. 


Every famous rapper has a team and a music producer that he trusts. If You want to go a long way in the music industry you need a professional music producer, beatmaker, that will constantly make beats and bangers that will fit your style, vocal, and vibe. Making hip hop beats is not easy. You need to have discipline, rhythm feelings, know-how to create chords and progressions, have sound engineer skills, know how to use EQ, compression, etc. 

We are proud to say that we are professional music producers and we love to make hip hop instrumentals that have a feeling, vibing with good people, and connect with young and talented artists.  We would love to become your music producer and create amazing, trending, high quality hip hop beats and instrumentals for you. 


What makes our hip hop instrumentals sound different from other producers?! Well, first of all, our drums hitting differently. We experiment with hard low ends and warm saturated mid to get hard massive drums. Then our percussion creates dynamic range and certain magical feeling. Finally, we are Gurus of catchy melodies. We always experiment with different chord progressions. Whenever you need a lofi, lowkey r&b melodies, or moody grime melodies, we are doing it with style.

What other advantages we give to our community?!

First of all, we make dope beats and instrumentals and make them affordable to everyone. If it’s not enough, then we make the best bulk deal offer online: Buy1 Get 9 Free. We always give discounts to our members and make sure we satisfied their needs. 

How can you use our hip hop beats for sale?!

You can use them to make freestyles that are very popular on Tik Tok and Youtube. Then you can make demo recordings as well as professional songs. Also, you can use our instrumentals for your vlogs, film, or any other projects. All our instrumentals are royalty-free, so you will not have any issues. 

If you’re a content creator and looking for royalty-free beats you can purchase them at our website or connect with us via email. We would love to help you and provide the best music for your needs. 

Here some of our credits: Selfieparty Movie, ESPN, Netflix, NBA, Novyi, TET, and much more. We working with emerging artists and beginners, with big films and documentaries. And most important we would love to work with you.

Purchase hip hop beats for sale today, save your time and money, and let’s create some magic together.

Hip Hop beats for sale online


Ok, so now you have a bouncy hip hop beat that you want to freestyle to or write lyrics and make a song. What next?! You can go to the recording studio and pay some solid cash for 1 hour of the recordings and then pay even more for mixing and mastering. Another way you can make your own mini studio at home.

I mean, yes, of course, the higher quality of the recording you will have the better and if your mixing sounds like a PRO for sure it’s only benefits. But why not try to make a demo first? Here are some tips and tricks on how you can do it.

Step 1 – Write lyrics

Lyrics and message is the most important part of a hip-hop song. You can’t deny it. When we making hip-hop beats we always think from the artist’s perspective and trying to leave enough space for the artist. So, you have nice hip-hop instrumental and now you need to write lyrics. Try to figure out your whats your main message of the song first. What it will be about? Write 2-3 lines about the idea of the song. Then start making a storyline and develop it into few phases: verse, hook, chorus, bridge. This is not a rule, you can make your own structure, but if you have different parts of the song with different dynamics it will only be better for the listener. 

Step 2 – Make the recordings

You have a great beat and lyrics, now it’s time to make a demo. Making a demo first before making a studio recording is a great idea. You can hear how will it be sounded and make some changes whenever its lyrics or melodies before paying some cash for the record studio time. Also, you will have time to experiment with cadences, speed, flow, etc.

So when it comes to home studio recordings you will have a lot of options. 

First is a DAW. That’s a program where you can create music and make recordings. There are many different DAW’s out there most popular are: Logic (for Mac users), Ableton, Cubase. They can be expensive but for your goals make a demo you always can try some trial versions, or cut versions. 

Then you need a mic. For home recording processes you don’t need an expensive one.

Another way to make home recordings is using your mobile and APPS. There are many applications that help you make recordings directly on your phone. Just type some keywords like sing, record in the apple store or google. 

Step 3 – Mixing and Mastering

For demo purposes, you can mix yourself by balancing the audio files, panning, and adding some reverbs and fx by using DAW effects. You can also watch some tutorials on youtube by typing: How to mix vocals, for example.

But if you want your song to sound professional you need good mixing and mastering. We recommend finding a sound engineer that works specifically in the style of your music. 

For mixing and mastering, you will need your stem vocals and stem instrumentals. 

Thats’ why we make stems (trackouts) available in the unlimited license, so your sound engineer can do good professional mixing.

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