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We know how frustrating it could be to search for a perfect pop beat and instrumental for sale. For creators, artists, songwriters it’s very important to find a beat that will touch their hearts and become a soulmate. So it might take weeks, months to find a track that you will fall in love with. That’s why we created best place where you can easily find and buy pop beats online. Whenever you’re looking for a dance-pop beat, pop r&b instrumental, or future pop beat with our easy navigation filter search you can find the best professional pop beats quickly. 

We offer simple and fair contraсts, 3 license options: standard, unlimited and exclusive, the best bulk deal online: “Buy 1 Get 9 Free” or download free pop beats with voice tag. You can also select other beat genres.


Whenever you’re an aspiring pop artist, major label artist, or songwriter, if you want to sound trendy then you need to buy modern pop instrumentals for sale. Beats play an important role in song success and you can’t deny, no one listens to acapella’s. You need a high-quality pop beat and instrumental in order to take attention from your potential fans. You can’t ignore the fact that pop is still the most popular style in the music world. Iconic artists like TheWeeknd, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Selena Gomez are using pop beats and instrumentals. Even so, of course, it has been changing over time, you still need to have a unique sound to compete on the pop stage.

So, how to choose the right pop beat? That’s a good question. I have made this list of options you should think about to help you make the right decision. 


Do you know what your song will be about?! The message of your song can influence the mood and vibe of the instrumental. If you’re looking for a dance song, you would probably need to stay away from slow ballad pop instrumentals. Here’s advice on how to quickly find a dance beat. Set the tempo information as a filter word in our search tool over the player.

Dance music has fast speed, so you can filter our beats by speed from 128 bpm and higher.


Do you want to sound like a Pop Star?! If you like Justin Bieber, for example, you can start looking for beats inspired by him or in other words: “Justin Bieber Type Beat”. That doesn’t mean that a beat will sound exactly like a Justin Bieber song. “Justin Bieber Type Beat” means the instrumental is produced in the style of the artist. We have a lot of pop type beats that could be very helpful for the artist to quickly find the right beat. 


We offer both: non-exclusive and exclusive pop beats for sale. Non-exclusive beats for sale are also known as “beat lease” which means we (producers) retain all the rights of the instrumental (master & publishing) and we give you a “non-exclusive” right to make a song and collect streaming royalties. On the other side, exclusive means the buyer will own all the rights. If your budget is limited you can start with a non- exclusive deal: standard or unlimited. Then if the song does well you can always come back to us to negotiate an exclusive pop beat price.

Pop beats and instrumentals for sale


Retro Pop Beats & Synthwave

Remember the Era of 80’s pop music? It was full of synth style sounds and melodies, cosmic pads,  simple drum patterns and snare with huge reverb. Well, it’s still trending now! Look at The Weeknd, his music is basically retro pop beats and synthwave instrumentals. 80’s pop instrumentals are very popular because of their simplicity, danceability, and rhythms. Dua Lipa is another artist who successfully uses synthwave and retro pop beats in her music. You can check our playlist of retro pop beats and synthwave instrumentals for sale.

Guitar Pop Beats

If you’re a fan of Khalid, Justin Bieber, and Post Malone you should’ve known that their pop r&b beats got a lot of guitar melodies, chords, and reefs. Well, guitar beats are very popular. One of the main reason it’s because it has an unbelievably warm sound. With Guitar you can create any emotion, any kind of vibes, and mood. For example, we have acoustic guitar beats that are very romantic. Electric guitar instrumentals basically have more space because of reverb, delays, amps, and other fx. You can buy pop guitar beats.

Pop Trap Beats

It’s almost impossible right now to find a pop beat without 808 bass or trap hats. Well, pop trap beats are very popular and used by artists like Post Malone, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Khalid, Chris Brown, and many more. If you want to sound like this artist, we got professional pop trap beats for sale. Listen, Buy, Record, Distribute and Make a history.

Happy Pop Beats

We have discussed earlier that the mood plays a decent role in the music. If you want to make a happy pop song, we can help you with that. We got happy pop beats that sounded groovy, playful, inspiring, romantic. From tropical pop beats to funky pop instrumentals, with our search system, you can find everything you need.

Chill Pop Instrumentals

Do we have lofi, chill, low-key pop beats?! Oh yes, we do! We are proud to have an amazing collection of chill guitar pop beats for sale inspired by Khalid, Halsey, Chris Brown, Charlie Puth. With our pop chill instrumentals, you can write songs that will have a deep and warm sound.

Electro Pop Beats

Billie Eilish came into Pop music in 2015 and changed it forever. She proved that you can make a hit song in your bedroom. From Bedroom Pop Instrumentals to Electro Pop beats we have a huge catalog of high-quality tracks. From dark, chill to dance, party pop beats we cover almost every mood you can only imagine. 

Ok, so now you know everything how to find a perfect pop beat. Now my last advice is: Be consistent. Don’t wait for a perfect time, act now! Check our pop beats for sale catalog, choose beats you’re like the most. Buy pop instrumentals, save your time and money. Add 10 instrumentals in your cart and pay only for 1. Make a worldwide hit and collect all 100% of your streaming royalties.