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Browse our catalog of beats for sale. To make your experience comfortable, type any genre, mood, type beat or any other keyword in the line “Search Track Types” to filter our beats according to your needs. Click the button “Add” and select the license type (price). Don’t forget about our special deal “Buy 1 Get 9 Free”

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There are so many reasons why leasing is the best option for upcoming rappers. But first, I would like to start with basic information about rap beats and rapping instrumentals, the history of rap music, and the advantages of buy rap beats for sale on our website. So, best Rap instrumentals – background music that you hear in the song under the vocals. It seems like Rap was born in the 70’s in the Bronx. 50 years later, it’s one of the most popular music style in the world. It all started with DJs who were playing music at parties and scratching it. That’s how sampling was born. Rap- vocal style in which MC (performer, rapper) speaks with rhymes over the beat. 

Secondly, rap become very popular and when people didn’t have instrumentals they used their mouth to create beats, later it will have a name – Beatboxing. There are a few main eras of Rap: Early years, old school, Gangsta, golden age, new era, mainstream, mumble, etc. So now you see that Rap is more than just music, it’s a whole culture. And now, let’s talk about why do you need to buy rap beats for sale:

Loyal Prices & Contracts

The days when rappers going into the studio and pay producers to make tracks are almost over. With the internet tendencies, we now have technologies and opportunities to buy beats, negotiate deals, make recordings, and distribute online. With our website, you can take the advantage of buy rap beats online. We offer loyal prices for our customers, smart and easy contracts.

Professional Industry Level Rap Beats

We are producing beats for almost 10 years. But, we have huge experience in music production for artists, tv, films, games. When you listen to our rapping instrumentals for sale, you will hear the highest quality and notice an industry-level mixing and mastering technique. As a result, our credits include ESPM, Netflix, Selfiepaty movie, Michaella, and many more.


In conclusion, We always help our community of artists. For your convenience, we made FAQ with the most common questions and quick answers. If you still have some issues or questions you can reach out to us via email or social media. But most importantly, we made a Facebook chat available on our website 24/7. We take care of our clients, we always give some special offers, discounts, bulk deals. Sign for our newsletter now and become a member of the friendly community LCABEATZ.

WHAT’S SO SPECIAL IN RAP instrumentals

Ok, so you want to buy rap beat, but why do you have to choose LCABEATZ?! What’s so special in our instrumentals?!


Yes, we tired of the beats that sound the same too. With all these trends, it seems like everyone dropping the same instrumental. But not WE. Important, you can be sure, that our professional rap beats for sale have a fresh sound, we not trying to copy someone else, we create our unique sound and that’s why rappers and MCs love to work with us. They call us “Freshness”


It’s a technique when you use a sample from one recording and apply it to another. You can’t imagine good Rap Beats without samples. If you love this style of rap sample beat, we got it! Even so, we create original music, sometimes we love to play with samples and make classic professional rap beats for sale. 


We always think about artists first when we create new instrumentals. We leave space for rappers and their vocals. That’s why it so easy to freestyle to our rapping instrumentals, because of the loopable and clear structure, groove, and vibe. 

Rap beats and instrumentals for sale


When it comes to royalty free rap beats it could have different styles. Our catalog includes all main genres.

Boom Bap Instrumentals

Big beats, with live drums, fills, slick snares, vinyl samples, soul chords, and melodies. If you a fan of 90’s rap you gonna love our collection of boom bap beats for sale.

West Coast Beats

What’s common with all of these rappers: Dr.Dre, 2pac, The Game, Snoop? They all use west coast beats in their music. You will need west coast instrumentals if you like disco sound, organs, bass, and long strings.

East Coast Instrumentals 

Soulful vibes, vinyl drums, vocal chants, and samples all these you can feel in our collection of east coast beats for sale. Jay Z and J cole vibe guaranteed. Just check out our beats with the New York swagger style.

Beats To Freestyle

If you’re Rapper/ MC you need beats you can freestyle to. Typically such kind of rapping instrumentals should have bouncy drums, different structures, and fills. Check out our collection of best beats to freestyle to.

Alternative Free Rap Instrumentals

Alternative, Rock and Country styles have integrated into rap and hip hop. To be honest, me personally a huge fan of hard rap beats. Eminem, Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Yelawolf all use alternative rap beats in their art. SWagger guitar reefs, dirty big drums, and haunting vibe. Welcome to the Alternative beats for sale world.


Message & Lyrics

Start with the song’s ideas. Just think about the story you want to tell. What’s so special in this story? Is it has a clear message? 

Just try to write down your ideas and figure out what type of message you want to share with the world.


Rhyme is an important part of a rap song. So constantly finding new rhymes could help to develop your skills. If you could create 2-4 new rhyme words every day and write them down to your phone you would be very surprised in 2-3 months how easy you can freestyle now. 


For example, every famous rapper has remarkable flow. Finding your uniques sound & flow could be hard but it’s worth it. No one wants to hear to another Drake or Kanye. Instead, everyone’s looking for a new rapper with a special flow. That could be you, why not?!

In conclusion, work on your skills, download our free rap beats to freestyle to. Work on your flow and message, listen to trending music, and check out charts. Buy our professional rap beats for sale and make a new hit. Don’t forget to add 10 beats in your cart when making a purchase and you will pay only for one. 

It’s time to make the best rap song with the best beats.

Let’s go champ!

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