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r&b beats for sale

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Browse our catalog of beats for sale. To make your experience comfortable, type any genre, mood, type beat or any other keyword in the line “Search Track Types” to filter our beats according to your needs. Click the button “Add” and select the license type (price). Don’t forget about our special deal “Buy 1 Get 9 Free”

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When you have selected beats and licenses you’ve wanted, click the “ Proceed to checkout” button at the top of the player. If you have selected more than 1 beat you will see that Bulk Deals are activated automatically. Review your order, below of the total price please check the box “I reviewed and agree to the Track(s) License Agreements” before either paying with PayPal or Credit Card.

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Once you fill out the paypal or credit card information and make a payment, you will receive your beats and licenses directly to your email address. Please check your spam folder.

The best place to buy R&B instrumentals online

We built our website to help you buy professional R&B Beats for sale online. With our experience, easy navigation filters, good prices, bulk deals, professional industry-ready high-quality beats you’ll be satisfied by 1000%. We are trying to make your life easier. That’s why we have different options for songwriters and artists. 

You can buy exclusive r&b type beat by making an offer. 

We know how expensive beats and instrumentals could be sometimes, that’s why we made an option for artists and songwriters to buy exclusive r&b beats and instrumentals with the budget they have. Just click on the green button “ADD” and select “exclusive license”. Write us a short message about who you are and what your budget. We’ll try to negotiate all offers in 24 hours. 

Exclusive ownership of the beat means that you will be the only owner. We will not sell this beat anymore. 

You also can lease R&B beats by choosing a standard or unlimited license. You can read the key differences between them here in our FAQ section.

The other option to download R&B instrumentals is become our platinum member

Firstly, membership is a great way to save money, constantly receive new RnB beats for sale + extra bonuses. Secondly, membership is working on a subscription model and currently is only $29.99 for a month. Important, as a platinum member, you can download 20 beats per month with unlimited licenses, you will also receive trackouts and cool bonuses like VIP (unreleased) beats and sync licensing opportunities. We truly believe that our website is the best place to buy R&B beats and instrumentals. 

Thirdly, you can listen and lease our beats 24/7. We have a friendly community and we always available to help our artists. You can email us with any questions or simply talk to us via messenger in the right corner of our website. Our prices, terms, and contracts are the best on the market. But most importantly we love making RnB beats and our priority is High Quality & Uniqueness.

The Role of R&B Beats In The Songwriting

The perfect R&B song starts with a perfect R&B type beat. If you want to write a song you will need background music that also has a name: beat or instrumental. It’s much easier to write lyrics when you hear music. That’s why free R&B beats for sale plays a crucial role in songwriting. The instrumental can lead you in a new direction, it might help you to find new melodies. In addition, the process of writing a song is fun and interesting but sometimes it can be hard and frustrating. 

What could go wrong?! 

Changing the message of your song. For example, you start writing about hard relationships, broken hearts and then suddenly you realize that you’re writing about clubbing and strip dancers. Avoid this. Start with the idea of the song and stick to it. 

Not knowing the key of the instrumental. If you are working on a new soulful song, you will need a great, professional R&B beat and instrumental. The beat will tell you in which key you are working. Knowing the key will help you to build choir, background vocals, etc. These elements are very important in RnB music. 

Another tip for songwriters is getting stems. When you buy our R&B Beats for sale you also have an option to get stems (trackouts). Why are they important ?! Stems – it’s individual separate tracks or grouped tracks of each instrument. When you write a song some instruments can distract but If you have a stem you can always mute drums for example. In other words, you can hear each instrument, cut it, change it. You can do anything that might help you to write a perfect song. 

In conclusion, LCABEATZ is the best place where you can buy exclusive and non-exclusive R&B beats for sale online. Quick and Easy. All you need is to listen to our instrumentals, chose the beats you like, add them to your cart, and pay via PayPal. Your comfort is our priority. Let’s connect, build relationships and make amazing R&B music together. You can also select other beat genres in our store.

RnB beats for sale

What makes R&B Beat special ?

Above all, a great R&B instrumentals should easily touch listeners’ hearts and souls. It should have a special vibe, warm tape sound, and saturation, interesting chord progressions. There are a lot of factors that can make RnB beat special but I will talk about a few. 

Advanced Chord progression 

R&B music is got to be musically rich. The colorful tone created by advanced chord progressions would set the tone of the instrumental. R&B beats for sale with advanced chord progression sound more professional and fuller.

Professional Mixing 

Mixing is the process of editing individual audio tracks. The most important part of mixing is balancing, panning, equalization and compression. In addition, we like to use tape effects, saturation, and other effects for RnB beats because it makes our instrumentals sound warm. We offer high-quality beats with professional mixing. 


The most common R&B beat structure is Verse 1-Hook-Verse 2 -Hook2- Bridge- Hook 3. But you can use any structure you want. 

Quick TIP: Spotify stats show, that songs with 2-3 minutes in length are doing better than songs longer than 3 minutes. Try to make your song last for 2-30. It will make people want to listen to it again and you will get more streams. 

Sub-Genre and Style

R&B beats for sale could sound differently because they have a lot of subgenres. If you’re a fan of Khalid Type Beats then you would probably want to buy guitar R&B beats. Just type “guitar” in our search bar on the player. If you’re a fan of SZA you would probably want Lo-Fi R&B Beat. You can filter our beats by keywords: lo-fi, rnb, chill for example.

We are proud that our catalog includes neo-soul beats, chill r&b instrumentals, guitar beats, lo-fi beats, and much more.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for free R&B beats to write to and If you need R&B instrumentals to make a song for profit you’re in the right place. LCABEATZ offers professional beats for sale, with loyal prices and terms. We would be more than happy to find a perfect RnB beat for you. Just type a message and we’ll provide one link with 10 R&B beats with licenses, terms, and stems. So all that you will need to do is make a payment by PayPal. 

We offer a huge bulk deal (Get 10 R&B beats for the price of 1). It’s time to make a hit. Buy R&B beats and instrumentals now.

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