If you’re reading this text then probably you’re looking for some exclusive beats for sale. It’s not a secret that buy beats online exclusive rights are more expensive than non exclusive rights beats. But, we always try to help upcoming artists so we make our offer affordable to anyone. We offer: exclusive rap beats, exclusive pop beats, exclusive trap beats, exclusive hip hop beats, exclusive r&b beats.


If you want to buy beats online exclusive rights you need to go to our beats catalog. 
Chose the beat you like – click on the “add to cart” button and chose “Exclusive license” – make an offer.
You need to fill out a short form: Your name, email address, type the budget you have. You can also add additional information in the message section: your social links, short bio, goals, etc. Any information you think we should know about you.
After reviewing your offer we will come back to you. Typically we respond in 24 hours or you can contact to us.

what's the difference between exclusive instrumentals for sale and leasing beats online

Here I will make a breakdown of the exclusive deals versus leasing beats.
* Buy beats online exclusive rights means you will be the only owner of that exclusive rights beats or non-exclusive lease 
* You don’t have to worry about limits you have with leasing beats, exclusive beats you collect all 100% of your royalties
* You will receive mp3/Wav files and trackout (stems)
The main difference between exclusive beats and leasing beats is that when you buy exclusive rights we will not be able to sell this beat anymore to anyone.
In conclusion, the exclusive way is a great way if you’re already an established artist and want to have full control of your music. 
So if you decide to go this route, you’re in the right place, we offer the best exclusive beats for sale on the internet.